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Musical Motivation.

Timi DiSalvoComment

Musical Motivation.

Early musical training for small children helps develop the brain in language and reasoning skills. Learning to play an instrument in early child development helps the mind and body work together. Continual music study through adolescence enhances teamwork skills and discipline, players in a band or orchestra have to work together to sound good and must commit to practicing and attending rehearsals. Music performances teach young people to overcome fear and anxiety, take a risk and have confidence in their abilities. Recent studies show that students who learn a musical instrument are more successful on standardized test such as the SAT and achieve higher grades in high school and college.

But what about learning a musical instrument as an adult? Is it to late? NO!

As an adult you have listened to music for years and have a basic understanding of the structure of music. You have already developed the discipline to practice. Adults are much better equipped to tackle complicated concepts. Playing an instrument relieves stress and exercises your brain. Plus you actually want to learn the instrument, you are not forced by your parents. Adults are usually excited to play music for the sole purpose of playing music and that is the best motivation.

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